Mr C

I have a question I don’t know if the VIX is something you can track using EW but do you see the top in the VIX around here or about 18? Or do you think that the VIX can go much higher? thanks



To all ,

I am sure most are smarter and better traders than I am here and it seems most have learned a lot from Mr C. But I am just using some common sense here. Economy stinks, data is bad, revenues are not good,  Europe a disaster, terrorist attack and we are at highs, Does it not make sense just to buy any pull back since the market does nothing but go higher? are most not over thinking by looking for b or c waves or counts? does it really matter in a market that never goes down? just a question from a simple person. I am very impressed with the knowledge and skill that everybody on this board has but does it even matter? Buy anytime the market drops a point.